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  • We can put a net over the tank, if you want. Do any of you still play? he heard himself blurt out. He said, There's no such thing as a blue-tongued mango vole.
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    Inside her chest I hear her heart stop, but there is air left in her lungs, and she says in that special soft voice of hers, I love you, Mother. But it took him three tries to get the point of the blade between the lips of the scabbard, so tremulous were his hands.
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    He had looked outward to the stars, seeing his future there. I will not allow you to take the aircar into the Llangon Mountains. She turned the light out outside and in the living room, so no one would see them there, and she stood talking to him from the doorway.
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    Smoothed stalks of grass out of the way with her hands, for a closer look.

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  • Did Mother tell you how he died? asked Sanchoniathon with a certain hesitation, running his finger along the chair's carved gilt arm. But one of them shouted Rohan's name, and the cry was taken up, turned into a chant, bellowed out loud enough to be heard by Roelstra all the way across the river.
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    Julia New Ltd Chartered Accountants
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    Beautiful Antinous, who was the lover of Hadrian, walked up the hillside at the head of a company of leather queens, their arms and chests steroid-sculpted into perfect shapes. If you want to undergo testing by some of our staff I might agree to that. For about two minutes they there, staring downhill and listening intently, suddenly Andrea nodded, stooped and carefully his cigar in a sheltered dried patch of ground behind the bole of the pine.

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  • Julia New Ltd
    Chartered Accountants

    Tudor House, Loxley Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warickshire. CV37 7DP
    Telephone: 01789 262441 email:
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  • When Peter Sellers booked into the RAG Club, he could just as easily have phoned his wife, told her to give the nanny two months wages and sack her, and then got a good night's sleep. I probably decided not to become a priest because it would have limited my free access to scientific truth.

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    He turned and watched the mass of guns, men, and horses sweeping in a wide curve toward a gap in a fence.

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    Hyenas snack on the excrement of herbivores with clucks of pleasure.

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    I couldn't very well go downstairs to get more champagne wearing my nightgown, one, I might add, that didn't make it past the bed and to safety and is thus spotted with my blood and with you as well.

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    To Ben, he said conversationally, Any sudden movements and we'll kill you. And calling all the other animals, he went on: Just look at our sovereign! But should I remain here a prisoner for any length of time, protested Jack, I'm liable to spoil.
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  • He just stood there and sobbed, and Liz didn't have the strength to comfort him too.

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  • Go south toward the ridge, turn right and follow the base of the ridgeline for five, mebbe six miles. Five or six wild duck flew overhead in a swiftly moving V, intent on some far-off destination. From what I've heard, you're stronger than many of the lower-level teachers now, he continued.

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  • Ah, well done! said Pepys, and in a lunge he was by Daniel's bedside, holding the auld Stone right up in his face. Here from Chicago a couple times a year, usually staying here or at the Algonquin.
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